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We are the BEST Scouting Troop! We meet (virtually for now) in Portland, Oregon while COVID-19 travel restrictions are in place. Thank you for visiting our website!!!

2021 Troop Meetings 

We have structured meetings on Wednesday's at 7:00 pm, and all parents and Scouts are welcome to join us! 

The first 3 meetings of the month are focused on developing outdoor skills, advancement, leadership and teamwork. The last meeting of the month is the Patrol Leader Council meeting that is lead by our Scouts. 

Summer Camp 2021 (Formerly known as Summer Camp 2020) was a HUGE success!  

Summer camp in 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19, but we were able to travel to Camp Parsons in August of 2021, a camp “where the mountains meet the sea”! The Scouts were able to enjoy all the amenities of the camp, like the pleasantly warm waters of the Hood Canal, the fine dining at Garvey Hall, world class rife and archery ranges, and for the older Scouts, a challenging climbing tower. We were also fortunate to lock in the Ranger Camp, where our Scouts got to stay in a very comfortable lodge that was build in the 1920’s. 

To say that our camping experience of successful would be an understatement - our Scouts were recognized by the Camp Parson’s staff with 4 awards:

Hullabaloo awards 

 “Carnage” award -  Demonstrating the highest levels of Scout Spirit and teamwork.
 “Cohort Cup” - Awarded to the best Troop of the week, and in our case, our cohort consisted of Troop’s 117, 5117, 868 and 5858.
  “Hullabaloo” - A competition involving all of the others Troops at Camp Parsons in 13 events that demonstrate their knowledge, skills, teamwork and Scout Spirit. 

  “Honor Troop” - Modeled after the Scout Law, the Scouts completed a series of tasks, demonstrated teamwork and even had a chance to complete a much needed service project at Camp Parson. This is the first time Troop 117 was able to earn this award in recent memory, and the very first time Troop 5117 earned this award. 

Troop 5117

To learn more about our Girl Troop, Troop 5117, please email our Scoutmaster Liz

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